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Best Cardiologist in Hyderabad

Dr. Sarat Chandra

Dr. Sarat Chandra

MBBS, MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC, FESC, FCSI
Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Hyderabad
Department of Cardiology – TX  Hospitals

Best Cardiologist in Hyderabad
Best Interventional Cardiologist in Hyderabad at TX Hospitals, Kachiguda
TAVR Specialist in Hyderabad

Former Editor – Indian Heart Journal
Member –ACC Global Heart Failure Advisory Group
Former President – Cardiological Society of India (CSI)

Best cardiologist in Hyderabad

Dr. Sarat Chandra – being an elite cardiologist, in Hyderabad, is well-known for the novel, robust, and cutting-edge interventional cardiology procedures. He has more than 37 years of extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of interventional cardiology. He is well-known for successfully using research-backed and latest interventional procedures – such as TAVR, Mitra Clip (mitral valve repair without surgery), Bifurcation Angioplasty Using DK Crush Stenting, and rotablator – an advanced technique for treating the cases of coronary artery disease with lots of calcification.

When it comes to a heart specialist in Hyderabad and the best interventional cardiologist, Dr. Sarat Chandra’s name is at the forefront as he performs hundreds of rare, novel, and complex interventional cardiology procedures. He is specialized in treating advanced cardiovascular diseases with special interest and expertise in interventional cardiology–coronary angioplasty and stenting. He is one of the best interventional cardiologists in Hyderabad as he performs some rare and robust procedures.



Dr. Sarath Chandra’s Expertise

Best Interventional Cardiologist in Hyderabad

Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement

The treatment for mitral valve disease depends on the severity of the condition and the signs and symptoms associated with it.

Mitral Valve Repair Without Surgery

Attention! A new treatment for Heart Valve Leak – The therapy called Mitra Clip is a boon for patients with mitral valve regurgitation. 

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

TAVR procedure is suitable for all high-risk categories of people. Especially for those who have symptomatic severe aortic stenosis  

Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Procedure

Angioplasty is a procedure to restore blood flow through the coronary artery. Dr. Sarat Chandra Cardiologist recommends PTCA for those who need it in situations such as…

Bifurcation Angioplasty Using DK Crush Stenting

A case of bifurcation angioplasty was done using a DK CRUSH Stenting for the first time in Hyderabad by Dr. Sarat

Silent Heart Attack Treatment for All

In a silent heart attack, you don’t have chest pain at all or the symptoms including chest pain and breathing difficulty are uncommon.

Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

Some people may have heart failure, but they may not have heart failure signs and symptoms. They get to know about their condition incidentally

CT Coronary Angiography

A coronary angiogram is a part of a general group of procedures – named cardiac catheterizations. It is done to determine the cause of chest pain (angina).

Dr. Sarat Chandra’s Awards And Accomplishments

The best cardiologist in Hyderabad, Dr. Sarat Chandra has now joined the elite cardiologist club in India. He has been recently awarded the most prestigious Dr. Abdul Kalam Award for being the eminent medical person on 20th March 2021 for the year 2020 at a function held at Hitex City, Hyderabad.

For his outstanding contribution in the field of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology, Dr. Sarath Chandra received the “Life Time Achievement Award” from World Congress on Clinical, Preventive & Geriatric Cardiology during its annual congress held in 2009 in New Delhi, India. He has also been awarded the “Vaidya Siromani” award by Thyagaraja Gana Sabha.

Dr. Sarat Chandra’s Lecture on Secondary Hypertension

Dr. Sarat Chandra has delivered a lecture on “Secondary Hypertension” during a CME held as a part of celebrations of 100 years of Andhra Medical College.  The meeting was attended by 2000 doctors from all over the world.  A huge building was constructed to commemorate the event.


Cardiology Blogs & News


What is Cardiac Catheterization?

Cardiac catheterization is a diagnostic as well as a treatment procedure for certain heart diseases. During this procedure, a catheter (a thin long tube) is inserted in a vein or artery – usually in the groin, arm, or neck and passed through the blood vessels to the heart. Interventional cardiologists do diagnostic tests by this procedure. Cardiologists perform coronary angioplasty and coronary stenting (the treatments for heart disease) by cardiac catheterization.