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Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Deaths

Heart disease is not sparing anyone. We are seeing an increasing number of cases in all age groups ranging from the early twenties to the Elderly. Which means, Indians are getting heart disease at a relatively younger age.

Do you know?

The leading cause of mortality and sudden death in India is cardiovascular disease (heart attack and cardiac arrest). It constitutes about 25% of the overall mortality. There is dramatic increase (up to 7 times) in the number of patients with cardiovascular diseases over the last 50 years in India. The figures are quite alarming. The following are some of the startling statistical data pertaining to heart disease in India.

Heart Disease – Alarming figures in India

  • Global reports on coronary artery disease state that Indians are more vulnerable to heart disease due to their genetic makeup.
  • Indians are 3 to 4 times at higher risk of CAD.
  • 40% of the patients with CAD are below age 40.
  • The risk of CAD in Indians is 6 times higher than the Chinese.
  • The risk is 20 times higher than the Japanese.
  • 12 to 16% of young Indians have CAD.
  • 5 to 10% of heart attacks occur in men & women younger than 40 years.

Why the numbers are so high in India when compared to elsewhere in the world?

There are many risk factors, but the most prominent among those include an increase in the prevalence of tobacco use among young Indians; and the next prominent risk factors are diabetes and hypertension among Indians. Over the last couple of years, high blood pressure and diabetes cases have almost doubled in India.

Fatal cardiac arrest leads to sudden cardiac deaths. Many cardiologists believe that these deaths can be prevented by implementing evidence-based recommendations like screening individuals who have a strong family history of sudden cardiac deaths.

Those who don’t have any known risk factor can prevent the risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest by following a heart-healthy lifestyle:

  • Eating heart-healthy foods
  • Managing stress – Meditation, yoga and deep-breathing exercises will help
  • Maintaining a proper sleep routine
  • Aiming for a healthy weight
  • Involving in physical activity – Running, walking, swimming, cycling, and aerobics
  • Quitting smoking – smoking cessation therapy works
  • Reducing blood pressure with exercise and well-balanced diet

Individuals who have diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health issues should consult a cardiologist to know their risk. The doctor will do a thorough heart examination and health check-up. Based on your health status, symptoms and other health issues, the risk of getting heart disease is evaluated.

The cardiologist if deems necessary will order a few tests; based on family history, personal medical history, existing symptoms, existing comorbid conditions and other risk factors. Remember! your cardiologist will diligently address your concern.

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