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A new treatment without surgery has been given approval by DCGI, Govt. of India in the recent past. This therapy called Mitra Clip has gained momentum recently. The mitral valve that regulates blood flow between the left atrium and left ventricle is a very important valve. There are a variety of diseases which can affect the mitral valve including rheumatic fever. In some cases, after a heart attack, the mitral valve can leak causing breathlessness and other symptoms. The problem can progressively lead to heart failure. In the majority of the cases of mitral valve defect, the patient is usually older and the risk of open-heart surgery is high. Hence an alternative treatment called MITRA CLIP is the latest vogue which is done without surgery.

Robust Mitra Clip

The procedure involves accessing or going into the heart from the venous side and puncturing the wall that separates the two atria and reaching the mitral valve and then placing the clips on the mitral valve carefully. This clip allows the valve to open normally but prevents it from leaking. Sometimes more than one clip is needed to achieve the desired result. The procedure’s risk is much lower than the surgery. It is expected that with the increasing age of the Indian population, there will be many patients who will require this treatment. Some of the pictures of this procedure are given below to explain this very interesting procedure.

Mitral valve replacement surgery in Hyderabad

The picture shows the mechanism by which the clip works. While allowing the valve to open in diastole, prevents it from leaking in systole

Mitral valve replacement surgery in Hyderabad

A diagrammatic representation of how the clip appears in closed position following the completion of the procedure

Mitral valve replacement surgery in Hyderabad

  Fluoroscopy Showing the Clip After Release

Mitral valve replacement surgery in Hyderabad


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