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TAVR Procedure

TAVR Procedure in Hyderabad

TAVR Procedure in Hyderabad: As you might have read/noticed cardiac interventions have moved aggressively beyond the realm of coronary angioplasty. The entire spectrum of valvular heart diseases has come into the scope of an interventional cardiologist.

Percutaneous Techniques

Whether aortic stenosis or mitral regurgitation or pulmonary regurgitation, they are all eminently treatable by percutaneous techniques. It is true that these therapies are expensive today, but the expenditure is coming down at a rapid pace. Especially the treatment of aortic stenosis by catheter called TAVR has been standardized very much and several thousands of cases have been done all over the world. Another name for TAVR is TAVI.

Mitra Clip

The follow-up of these patients has also been excellent with a few cases of delayed complications. The cases of mitral regurgitation can be treated in a large percentage of cases by applying one or two clips on the mitral valve after puncturing the interatrial septum from the right atrium. This procedure is called “MITRA CLIP”. TAVR procedure for aortic stenosis or mitral clip therapy for mitral regurgitation is advisable for patients, especially for those who fall under the high-risk category for open-heart surgery.

The facility at the Hospital

The most advanced, robust, and scientifically proven therapies (TAVR and Mitra Clip) are available at State-of-the-art Cath Lab at TX Hospitals, Hyderabad. TX Hospital is an advanced tertiary care hospital. The world-class facilities and a team of expert interventional cardiologists led by Dr. Sarat Chandra make it possible to perform any intervention – given the world-class infrastructure and critical care support. Please feel free to contact at this number: 9848804212 for any queries related to TAVR and Mitra clip.

BASILICA Procedure Prevents Coronary Obstruction From TAVR

The NIH-developed technique helps allow transcatheter valve replacements to be used in more high-risk valve-in-valve patients.

For the TAVR procedure in Hyderabad, meet

Dr. Sarat Chandra

Chief Cardiologist at TX Group of Hospitals

TAVR Procedure in Hyderabad
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TAVR Procedure in Hyderabad
TAVR Procedure