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The First Successful TAVR – TRANSCATHETER AORTIC VALVE IMPLANTATION on 22nd October at Virinchi Hospitals
The department of cardiology, VIRINCHI HOSPITAL is proud to announce that we performed our first case of TAVR – TRANSCATHETER AORTIC VALVE IMPLANTATION on 22nd OCTOBER, this Thursday.  The patient is 74 yrs. old lady from Vikarabad who came for acute MI in July 2020 when we did primary PCI.  In the same admission, we realized that she had severe aortic valve stenosis with symptoms and history of syncope.  She had a trans Aortic pressure gradient of 66 mm of peak pressure and 42 mm of a mean gradient. Her calculated aortic valve area was 0.8 cm square. The device used was a 26 mm self-expanding device with a bioprosthetic valve.
The procedure went off very smoothly. The patient had transient prolongation of QRS that resolved with I.V Hydrocortisone. This is due to pressure and inflammation of the conduction system of the heart. 


Aortic Root Angio Showing Doming of Aortic Valve

Fluoroscopy Showing Multiple Catheters


Aortic Root Angiography after Partial Implantation Of the Device


Flouroscopy showing the fully deployed and released device

We wish to convey our thanks and gratitude to all of the cardiology department, ICU, Cath Lab Staff, Echo technician Mr Joseph, Anaesthesia team led by Dr. Muralidhar Joshi, Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Avinash Dal and his colleagues, Dr. Samavedam and Chairman Mr K.Viswanath and Chairperson Mrs. Madhavilatha on this occasion.