The First Hydra Aortic Valve Implantation Procedure

TAVR in India: Dr. Sarat Chandra – Senior most interventional cardiologist and renowned TAVR specialist in India – explains the treatment for aortic stenosis while stressing the best treatment approach through shared decision-making in the best interest of the patient.

“Aortic Stenosis is a critical heart condition in which one of the main valves of the heart that helps maintain the unidirectional flow of the blood to the body, becomes stiff and hampers functioning in full capacity. If left untreated this condition can result in recurrent loss of consciousness, heart failure, stroke and sudden death.”

“The First Hydra Aortic Valve Implantation Procedure was Successfully Performed on a 74-year old Lady in Hyderabad.”

The lady was suffering from severe aortic valve stenosis. Dr Sarat Chandra and team performed the most sophisticated minimally invasive valve replacement procedure – TAVR using the novel Hydra Aortic Valve, for the first time in Hyderabad. The procedure was a huge success as the old lady recovered well after being discharged from the hospital.

The lady had earlier experienced a heart attack four months before this procedure. She was treated for her condition then by an emergency angioplasty procedure at Virinchi Hospital. She recovered well from it. At the time when she had undergone angioplasty, she was also diagnosed with Aortic valve stenosis (severe narrowing of her aortic valve) with symptoms and history of syncope. She was then advised to undergo TAVR procedure three months later. Which she did – and now she is alright.

An indigenously developed HYDRA AORTIC VALVE comes with Enormous Benefits

  • It is flexible.
  • The valve can seamlessly track along torturous and stiff blood vessels.
  • It is the best valve for elderly people.
  • The valve suits well for aged persons.
  • It is quite affordable as it costs almost half the price of imported valves.
  • The valve provides a huge financial relief to Indian patients.
  • The implant is retractable – can be easily redeployed.
  • Owing to its affordability (cost advantage) – hydra valve is gaining popularity abroad as well.

Hydra Aortic Valve is implanted by TAVR in aged patients whose arteries are rigid and torturous. This valve is patients as well as medical fraternity friendly as it comes with several advanced features making it a superior and far better option for TAVR. Furthermore, it is indigenously made (Indian made) and rather less expensive compared to the international valve.

Dr Sarat Chandra says – emergency situations come suddenly and drastically hit middle-class families. Many people remain clueless under tremendous emotional and financial stress.

The use of newer technologies like Hydra Valve for TAVR in India– a newer generation implantable valve comes to the rescue of such grief-hit families. As it is capable of relieving their anxiety, stress and financial burden to a great extent. The valve is priced half of that of imported devices and will be a great relief for Indian patients, who struggle to meet the high medical costs. The quality aspect too is taken care of by this indigenously developed hydra valve.

Bottom Line

Patients can lead normal and healthy lives after undergoing TAVR procedure. Within a few days after the procedure, a majority of patients can resume all their routine activities. The hydra valve’s addition has created a new dimension in the cardiac care arena as the valve is performing exceptionally well. The patient who has undergone the implantation procedure is doing well.

TAVR in India: This procedure is going to transform cardiac care and will immensely benefit patients in India.

Advantages of TAVR

  • This is the most suitable procedure for weak and elderly people.
  • Open heart surgery is risky in patients with weak heart and lung problems.
  • Patients with other comorbidities – high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease are not suitable for open-heart surgery.
  • Recovery in such patients is fast by a minimally invasive procedure.
  • For high-risk patients, the survival rate is 99% with TAVR.
  • TAVR’s survival rate is far better than open surgery in high-risk patients.

Cardiac Care at Virinchi Hospitals

“At Virinchi Hospital, we are continuously trying to maintain standards in medical care for our patients. We will continue to provide world-class services and facilities while keeping a keen eye on evidence-based medicine”

Open heart surgery for patients who are aged and who have high blood pressure and a previous history of heart attack is associated with high risk. Considering advanced age and comorbid conditions in the elderly and high-risk category of patients, Cardiac team at Virinchi Hospitals adopts a far superior and more novel procedure of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR).

Virinchi Hospitals has the most sophisticated flat-panel catheter laboratory (Cath-lab) in Hyderabad. Cutting-edge technology enabled the team to successfully implant the newly launched HYDRA Valve in the patient.