A case of bifurcation angioplasty was done using a DK CRUSH Stenting for the first time in our hospital, a few days ago by Dr. K. Sarat Chandra and Dr. Deepak Kumar Saha. Patient Mrs AP is 58 years old. There are a variety of techniques for doing bifurcation angioplasty and DK CRUSH is considered as the best with very good long-term results (although a complex technique). In this technique, a stent which is placed into the side branch is crushed in the proximal part and through multiple steps, the result is obtained as shown in the following figures. After the procedure, the patient recovered very well. The success of the case reflects our teamwork and the contribution of our catheterization laboratory and cardiac ICU staff.

Rao Caudal View of Left Coronary Artery Showing the Bifurcation Lesion Of Left Circumflex Artery With Om1

Both the branches have been wired and the Omi is Dilated


Post Dilatation Result


Stent Placed across OM1

Post Stent Result of OM1

The Portion of the Stent in Om1 is being Crushed By A Balloon In Circumflex Artery

One can see the Crushed Stent in the Circumflex Artery

A kissing Balloon Dilation is being done to achieve appropriate apposition of the stent in the side branch

A Stent is Placed in the Main Vessel

A Stent Is Placed in the Main Vessel and Implanted

A second kissing dilatation being done hence the name “Double Kissing Crush”

Final Result Showing The Outcome in Both the Stents