Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

The cost of TAVR in Hyderabad is almost 3 to 4 times less than the cost of the same procedure in the other developed countries such as the UK and USA.

When you compare the cost of TAVR in Hyderabad with the cost of the same procedure in other Indian metropolitan cities, it is relatively lower.

In general, the treatment cost depends on the type of the device used, the health status of the patient and associated comorbidities. It also depends on the number of days spent in the hospital and facilities availed.


To correct the failure of the aortic valve (Aortic Valve Stenosis), Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) or transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is performed by interventional cardiologists. The procedure doesn’t require sternotomy (A surgical procedure done to open the chest) and placing the patient on a heart-lung machine (so that the machine takes care of the entire circulation while the operation is done).  The conventional procedure of surgery involving an old person with multiple co-morbidities naturally carries a certain risk.

TAVR or TAVI is a minimally invasive procedure – which leaves all chest bones intact. It is performed through a very small opening in the groin. The patient is not put on a heart-lung machine. Furthermore, with TAVR procedure recovery is quick and the patient can go home in a couple of days.

The cost of TAVR depends on several factors including the type of the device used and the overall condition of the patient.

Hospital Factors – Reputation of the hospital, infrastructure and facilities available; expertise of the cardiologists’ team; technology and accreditation of the hospital facility. In addition, other factors include the availability of health insurance, type of insurance.

Procedural factors: The intricacy of the procedure, risks involved, expertise and experience of an interventional cardiologist, type of anaesthesia, duration of the procedure, post-operative care and hospital stay.

Patient Factors – Overall health status of the patient; Complications associated with untreated aortic valve stenosis including heart failure; other associated health conditions – diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease; and other treatments required by the patient.


Dr Sarat Chandra and team has immense experience, profound expertise and distinction of performing the First TAVR using the latest HYDRA device on a 74-year-old lady in Hyderabad.

Our expertise

  • Nationally recognized expertise
  • Adopting novel approaches for the development of the procedure
  • A team approach with multiple experts working at the same time which includes interventional cardiologist, intensivists and anaesthesiologists.
  • Implantation of novel Valves (Hydra) 

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